Photo on 2-28-14 at 9.40 AM

Seriously, this weather is making me giddy. On top of the fact that I remembered my earphones today and so I get to listen to this instead of the group of mommies next to me discussing the cost of designer jeans for their 7 year olds…ugh.

Funny side note on buying clothes. It is no secret that buy 99% of my family’s clothing at Goodwill. Mac is the least impressed by this. Not that he cares where his clothes come from, he just doesn’t like going to Goodwill. Anyway, he needed “cowboy” clothes for a play he is in so I drug him along to find some at the local GW. He was a good sport, tried on at least 3 pair of jeans and a handful of shirts before running from the store to hide in the car. Once home, he dutifully washed the clothes and then left them in a damp pile in his room. I expect nothing less at this point. Today the clothes had to go to school, though, so I spent WAAAAAAAAY too much of my lifeforce trying to iron that damn shirt early this morning. I made him go get a hanger to take it to school on and while he was arranging it HE finds a $5 bill in the breast pocket. Nicely laundered and pressed.


But I’m thinking he will be less than upset about buying clothes at Goodwill from here on out…

Okay, wanted to do some more of my pictures today. Seriously, I am having so much fun with this!
IMG_7002 Day 13: Makes you Laugh. Okay, so this is pretty obvious. I got on the bus that morning and this was staring me in the face. Funny for the obvious reasons for those who know that I CAN’T COOK. Okay, I can, but I don’t enjoy it. And the main reason that I do not enjoy it is due to the singular fact that I do not enjoy being mediocre, and that is what I am on a good day. Cooking for me usually results in better stories than it does digestible eats. My family, even my kids, are spectacularly patient and forgiving. They also have other parents who are much better cooks or at least keep yummier things on hand, so there is always a better meal waiting around the corner… The other reason this picture struck me is that it was THE ONLY AD that wasn’t medical/Obamacare related. Honestly, usually there are some great ads on the SouthBeach C Bus…


IMG_7005 Day 14: Heart (duh) Okay, I got a LOT of flack for these (thank you Lisa Curtis). Can YOU see the hearts? It was extremely hard to be creative on Valentine’s Day…I was pretty darn impressed with myself. Lisa, Jeff couldn’t see them either….hmmmm.

IMG_7017 Day 17: Words. This one was one of those days when I couldn’t come up with anything. Near the end of the show day I started to panic so finally just started writing out to-do lists and took a picture of that. Unfortunately I posted it before I asked for some heavenly help in finding something a little more inspired. That night was our annual mojito night and though I can NEVER remember the name of this stupid restaurant having only eaten there once (mojito count is over 6 and counting, though) we end up here every year for at least one drink. The best mojitos. Hands down. We usually sit outside but this time there happened to be a micro-table in the micro-bar so we took it

and low and behold….


words!! I love it when God happens.


Day 16: A Memory: This was kind of fun. Though I got all kinds of interesting comments from people watching me try and take a picture of my own wrist…the coordinates mark the spot of a very special memory for Jeff and I. The bracelet was my Christmas present this year. I look forward to a wrist-full of these beauties.

IMG_7116 Day 19: Workspace. This one gives me such mixed feelings. It isn’t so much that it is a visually stunning piece of work, but it says a lot of what I am right now. I bitch and moan about all the time I spend in the car with my kids but in reality, I suppose I am lucky to still have the opportunity to be able to keep them captive in my presence for this long. The days that I outlaw iTouches in the car usually end up being some of the most interesting. I get to eavesdrop on their days, to monitor their current interests, and we have had some pretty interesting conversations regarding music preferences or current events.

IMG_7119 Day 20: Itsy Bitsy. Originally I had planned on driving downtown and taking a picture of the Itty Bitty Salon down on main street (yes, that is it’s name and what it is – TINY!) But one thing led to another throughout the day and for once I never got in the car beyond picking up from school. I was in bed that night when I realized that I hadn’t taken a photo yet. I did send up a quick prayer as I threw back the covers and started prowling the house looking for something teensy. We are not a teensy family. We like big. In fact, the smallest thing we own is our stinkin’ house! But then I walked past my curio cabinet and remembered these beauties. I picked these up one of the first years that we lived here. There is a beach near our house that is sand dollar nursery. Seriously. There is a section of the beach that is nothing but sand dollars. They are living, so black and less than appealing but stacked like cards up the beach, it’s rather fascinating, but you can find the dead ones all over if you can just get your eyes trained to see them. The first time we went I found a few sand dollars and decided to give the kids something to do other than whine and proposed to pay them 10 cents for every whole sand dollar they could find….$10 later I had to put a kibosh on that whole brilliant idea. But by that time I was seeing these teensy little things mixed in with with all of the shells, stones and other beach detritus. Jeff had to call an intervention. I had a large glass full of them at one point but I find they are fun to give away, if a bit delicate, but I am down to only these few now and I find I like it that way. They are easier to see amongst all the other stuff in my cabinet when there are fewer of them. Huh, funny how that works, hmm?


A little extra “kick”


photo photoSitting here drinking my Mayan Mocha with extra cayenne…and loving this sunny day.


I’ve been waiting all week to be able to sit down and write like this and now I am distracted by the view out the window. All I want to do is take pictures and post in order to share the joy. The ferry is going by as I type, there are seagulls wheeling around and I swear I just saw a seal poke his nose through the surface. Beautiful.

Speaking of photos and sharing, I have been participating in a photo-a-day challenge this month at the behest of a friend. Nothing like being specifically asked to share one’s skills to light the fire of creativity, a little kick in the pants to get me moving. But it has been more than an opportunity to over share. It has been amazingly eye opening as well. Knowing I have to eventually take a picture of a clock has me seeing clocks everywhere! Clocks I see every day now take on new significance. Clocks I never noticed suddenly appear out of nowhere. Then the issue becomes “which clock”? And then the fun begins. And can I just say right here that Instagram is my favorite toy? I love all the filters I can run photos through. The most mundane subject suddenly becomes artsy and cutting edge with the mere addition of a ripped border and a sepia tone or a faded aspect. I find it interesting that photography has appeared to come full circle wherein all of the things that used to be verboten in photography, blurring, “flare”, faded colors, those things which have inspired all sorts of technological breakthroughs in camera lenses and technique, are now considered desired “effects”.

(side note: There goes the ferry again, and now there are three seals out there playing with…something. Ew.)

Anywho, even though there is a link to all of my Instagram photos there to the left of your screen, I thought I would share a few of my favorites from this month and maybe give some background.


Day 5: Words. This was one of my first ones. My first inclination was to use a book I was reading that seemed to have all sorts of inspired pieces of wisdom spouted just for me, but I had just recently posted that very picture and felt that was too easy. This was meant to be a challenge and I was going to go for it. So I did what I should do more often, and have often found myself doing a LOT since this picture…I prayed about it!  And once I got into my personal phone booth to God (aka: the shower) it popped into my head. What words are the ones I cherish the most? Those that are written to me alone. That are truthful. That include a piece of the one who wrote them. And voila, I took this picture while trying not to drip too much on the floor or my camera.
Looking up
This one is Day 6: Looking up. It was inspired by the view from my yoga mat every morning. I will admit that I staged this one, and getting him to cooperate was not easy. Something about me ordering him to get up on the couch while I lay on the floor made him a little uneasy…but I love how it turned out. Someone suggested I frame it. I just might.
Day 7: Friendship. I love my husband, he is so supportive of stuff I am excited about. I think part of it is because he worries that I don’t often feel the desire to do ANYTHING. Anyway, this was another of those shower epiphanies. He was already in bed reading and I ran out of the shower, grabbed my phone and his hand with nary a preamble, and started taking pictures. He didn’t flinch or even lift an eyebrow, merely watched as I contorted myself trying to take a picture using only one hand. He did suggest that I crop out certain parts of my body that weren’t necessary to the theme…is that friendship or what?
Something redDay 11: Something red. This was one of those days where EVERYTHING was red, but nothing was right.  We were in Ft. Lauderdale and I was really hoping to find something suitable in the Swimming Hall of Fame so that I could kill two birds with one stone, so I passed by 90% of what I saw, all of which seemed to be red. As it was, I got to the museum and completely forgot about my assignment. I took plenty of pictures, but alas, none of them were red. Later that day Jeff and walked to the beach and there was a bright orangey-red tanker floating on the horizon and I took it as a sign and started snapping away. It was truly beautiful the way it sat right on the horizon, a blip on the line separating sky blue from ocean blue. Alas, I still haven’t figured out how to deal with distant images with my iPhone. I know enough that zooming in always results in a grainy photo, but short of swimming 5 miles out to sea I couldn’t get close enough to even crop it so that it made a more interesting composition. I had hoped to be able to do something with the three dozen pictures I took when I got back to my room, but as we were packing up our towels and heading back to the hotel we passed by the guard shack and there was this blast from the past, just begging to be snapped. The guard was super hospitable, even inviting me up onto the stand to take a closer picture, but I think I got exactly what I was looking for in one shot. I love the angle and the rust on the hand rails. The blue sky is a lovely reminder of that day.

A shadow

Day 12: A shadow. I actually took two different photos for this particular assignment. One I had taken earlier in the week, knowing this subject was coming up. It was a photo of the shadows Jeff and I projected by the street lights on the sidewalk as we walked to dinner one night. I loved it. But it felt kind of contrived, a little expected, a tad bit “too cute”. Not things I would use to describe us. So I took this one on the actual day it was assigned. The first day of the boat show. I was feeling good and it was VIP day so I wore The Shoes. VIP day is full of money and purpose walking around, not a lot of tire kickers. People who come on Day One know what they want and are there to fulfill a specific list of needs. My presence there was not in great demand so I had a little more fun with things seeing as that I knew I wouldn’t be working very hard. Thus, the high heels. I love these shoes. I was pleasantly surprised that I suffered very little for them the next day. Naproxin Sodium is a good thing. This is also one of those photos where Instagram made the picture. I wish I could figure out which filter I used…

And with that, I have officially run out of time for the day. That was fast.